areas of experties 

The Firm has developed considerable expertise in different areas of the profession. In particular shipping, tonnage tax, energy, high technology, telecommunications, insurance, finance, construction, yachting.

Tax and Tax Area

  • Ongoing tax assistance and advice
  • Direct and indirect tax planning in Italy
  • International tax planning and advice
  • Legal advice and Tax litigation
  • Assistance with tax audits
  • Tax audits and due-diligence

Shipping & Yachting

  • Assistance and tax advice on the arrangements of the cd Tonnage Tax,
  • Assistance and tax advice on sales contracts, construction, lease and rental of commercial ships and yachts.
  • Tax planning in the management of “Commercial Yachts”
  • Tax compliance, in particular VAT, on charter territorially relevant in Italy due by the shipowners of foreign yachts and mega-yachts
  • Advice and assistance in customs procedures related to navigation in Italian and European seas.

Legal and Corporate Area

  • Ongoing assistance and advice on corporate law
  • Incorporation, variation and winding-up of Companies and Entities
  • Appointment of auditors in listed and unlisted companies
  • Administration of Companies and Entities
  • Statutory and equitable arbitration procedures
  • Transactions and amicable compositions
  • Court and Party-appointed expert witness
  • Expert estimate

Accounting Area

  • Drafting of financial statements and consolidated accounts
  • Administrative and accounting advice and assistance
  • Drafting of budgets and business plans Balance sheet analysis
  • Accounting audits and due-diligence

Extraordinary transactions

  • Appraisals and evaluations of entities, companies and equity
  • Extraordinary transactions (company mergers, demergers and transformations, provisions, transfers and break-ups)

Company Restructuring and Reorganization

  • Financial and Economic Check-up
  • Company reorganization plans
  • Debt consolidation and restructuring plans
  • Judicial and non-judicial arrangements with creditors

Estate Planning

  • Planning, advice and assistance for inheritance
  • Inter-generational company transfer
  • Liquidation, division and assignment of assets
  • Trusts